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Words With Preeti Singh- Writer of FLIRTING WITH FATE !!


Today we are very lucky intervewing The author of Book  “Flirting with Fate”

Thank you for  this interview Preeti ma’am.


1.     Tell us a Something about yourself and your background?What were you like at school?

Preeti Singh:   I belong to an Army family so we always moved from place to place, the reason i make friends easily. In school, i was always a backbencher barely passing in subjects but always excelling in co-curricular activities like debates, e locutions, dramatics, poetry etc. Yes, English was the only subject i really excelled in and my creativity took birth during school days itself when i penned my first poem in 5th class.

2.     Tell us something about your  Novel “Flirting With Fate”.

Preeti Singh: My debut novel ‘Flirting With Fate’ is a crime thriller which defines the theme of Karma returning in your life. Its a65907_4565458330385_1920541234_n story based in the 80s when no mobiles, laptops or gadgets existing. It’s a journey of a young boy who is deprived of love and how he does every possible crime to get what he desires. The book clearly focuses on the theme that you shall reap what you sow in this lifetime itself. How fate turns for the protagonist when he feels the world is at his feet, adds the much needed twist in this thriller. I was on seventh heaven when Sumit Sehgal’s literary agency Butterfly and Bee awarded my book the Best debut Crime Fiction of 2012 and when my publishers nominated it for the Commonwealth Booker’s Prize as well.

 3. Which writers inspire you?

  Preeti Singh : I know it may sound weird but i don’t read fiction any longer. Maybe the Sidney     Sheldons or Robin Cook or Nancy Drew i read in school days, triggered within me to write a          thriller as mystery stories always intrigued me. But i do read self help and spiritual books by    Ekhart Tolle or Wayne Dyer  whose teachings i try to inculcate in my life. Among Indian authors, i   have only read ‘The Other Side of  The Bed’ by Bhavya Kaushik who is an inspiration for the    youth, being the most humble bestselling author i have met among the youngsters.

4. How much research do you had done for “Flirting With Fate”?

Preeti Singh : I cannot take the complete credit for ‘Flirting with Fate’ as i was approached by a gentleman Pinaki Chaudhuri whose idea was this book. He gave birth to an idea and i gave it the shape it needed. But as the story is based in Shimla, i frequently took trips there to study the scenario, talked with local shopkeepers and learnt about Shimla in the 80’s…it was tough but not impossible. Each tiny research done during writing a book is always fruitful and much needed.

5.When did you decide to become a writer?What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

Preeti Singh : I have been writing since school days just as a passionate hobby. When circumstances were adverse it was time to turn my passion into my profession and then took birth of my website . But the dream of every writer remains to publish a book and become an ‘author’…so was mine. And by falling and getting up, by trusting and being cheated, with time ‘ Flirting With Fate’ happened.

6.In the Novel you have focused on KARMA.From where you got this thought ?

Preeti Singh : I always believe in Karma Returning as i have seen it happening in my life as well. I was not born a saint, no one is. Each time i lied to or hurt someone, somewhere  i paid for it. I strongly believe we reap what we sow in this birth only and it will happen sooner or later but it does happen in some form or the other.

7. During Research for your interview one reader has posted this comment ” Whatever good or bad deeds we do in our life we have to repay as it is in this birth only. The character of Fluffy, the dog is quite interesting and creative. The part that he too speaks (though no one understand what he wants to say) has been used quite effectively in penning down humor. I wish i had such a dog :P. “

What do you want to say on this ??

Preeti Singh :I am an ardent dog lover and Fluffy is the role of my dog with whom i often share my joys and sorrows. He just had to be part of my book and thanks to popular demand he returns in my forthcoming book as well. The book had a heavy message to convey so by creating humorous comments by Fluffy, i tried to lighten the situations to appeal to a larger audience and it worked well.

8. Before Finalizing any plot of novel i am quite sure there must some conflict occurred in your mind so  how you use to came to final decision.??

Preeti Singh: Oh yes ! chalking out the plot effectively puts your mind in turmoil. Sometimes the plot works well but at times you just need to trash it and build it all over again. The plot needs to be weaved well with the rest of the story, connecting each of the characters making it gripping all the same.

9. During research i had founded that so many reader have given the rating between 3.5

to 5 which makes an simply sereneaverage of 3.79. Do you satisfied with ratings ??

Preeti Singh : I am more than happy and grateful for the feedback given by readers. It was my debut novel so errors may have been plenty but each criticism made me learn better and hopefully with my next book i would have improved.

10.One reader has written some where he is eagerly waiting for your next novel.Do you want to give him a some Message ?

Preeti Singh : Yeah !! i am eagerly waiting too myself !!

11. I think it must took a lots of pain to pen down a character of Anand and Fluffy. Had you take advice from any male friends  ?

Preeti Singh : Creating Fluffy was a cakewalk as i talk to him daily and he seems to respond too but the challenge was to write like a man, Anand. Being a woman it was tough for me to think, act and get into a man’s shoes and think like him. That’s when timely help by my husband, brothers and few male friends came in handy. How does a boy think at puberty, what does he go through when he falls in love –were questions i needed answers to. But slowly i got into the skin of Anand and gave it my best shot.

12. What do you want to say about our initiative “ENGINEERS ADDA!!”

Preeti Singh : I have always been in awe of ‘Engineers’….i married a mechanical engineer and to date have not understood how they have the brains to do what they do ! For me, who does not understand maths and science, engineers are the gods who run our nation…from simple things like TV, mobile, cars or even this connection with you all is thanks to some engineer who used his brains to create this. A thousand salutations to you all !

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